Sewn Bind Off

The sewn bind off is a great match for most cast ons. It works quite well with garter stitch fabric and can be made looser or tighter based on your sewing tension.

sewnbindoff1.jpgBegin by cutting the working yarn to about twice as long as your finished piece of knitting. Thread that yarn onto a needle.

sewnbindoff2.jpg*Pass the yarn needle through the first two stitches from right to left.

sewnbindoff3.jpgPass the yarn needle through the first stitch on the knitting needle from left to right.

sewnbindoff5.jpgDrop the first stitch off of the knitting needle.

Repeat from * until one stitch remains. Sew through this last stitch from right to left.

sewnbindoff4.jpgYou will be left with a flexible edged bind off.