Blocking socks

While many people choose not to block their socks, some people find it helpful. It can aid in opening up lace patterns and evening out stitching. The most common method of blocking socks is to use a tool called a sock blocker. You can purchase these online or at your local yarn shop, or you can make your own at home.  

sockblocker.pngTo make your own sock blockers, you will need two coated wire clothes hangers (use the type that have a layer of molded plastic coating so that the hanger will not rust).

First, stretch the base of the hanger downward, creating a diamond shape. Next, bend the righthand point of the diamond inwards. Finally, make a curve in the wire a few inches to the right of the hanger top to mimic the leg of the sock. See diagram at right for final shape estimate. Repeat for the second coat hanger. Now you can block a pair of socks!

As with a sweater, you should first soak your socks in cool water. Roll them up in a dry towel and press on it to sop up excess water. Fit your sock over the sock blocker and adjust as necessary. If you are using wire sock blockers, you can also adjust the shape of the blocker to suit the sock. Allow to sit until completely dry. Enjoy!