Fair Isle Tips

How do I choose all of the colors for a stranded colorwork sweater?
The easiest way to figure out which color combinations you are drawn to is just by looking around you. Keep a file of images and color combinations that inspire you from your daily life. That way, you create a color palette that is uniquely yours.

How do I hold two strands of yarn?
The short answer is to hold your yarn whatever way feels comfortable to you. Some knitters hold one strand in their left hand and one strand in their right hand. Other knitters hold both of the strands in one hand, with one strand above the other.

Am I really supposed to cut my knitting?
Yes! Steeking makes it possible to knit colorwork in the round, which is much easier. if you knit with a sticky wool (like Peruvian Highland wool), the fibers will stick together and they won’t unravel when you cut your steeks. Make sure you secure your steeks before you cut, either by sewing through the stitches with thread, or using yarn to crochet a chain over them.