Yarn flowers

Use scraps of yarn and other craft supplies to create fun and colorful flowers, just in time for spring. Create flowers like the ones you see on the cover of this catalog, or be creative, play with yarn, and see what you come up with! Yarn flowers are easy enough for any age or skill level of crafter.

To create loopy yarn petals, wrap yarn around 3 to 4 fingers. Do this only a few times, and you will have delicate individual petals, like a daisy. Wrap the yarn around your fingers more times and your flower will have lots of petals, like a chrysanthemum. Tie a piece of yarn around the center of your yarn loops, fan out the petals, and trim any ends.

Pom poms
Wrap yarn around your fingers and tie, exactly like how you created a yarn butterfly. But to turn a butterfly into a pom pom, cut through all of the loops to create fringe. You can either leave your pom pom in the shape of a ball, or flatten it down by adding a stamen in the center. Pom pom flowers look like dandelions!

Cut a piece of felt in a circle. Either leave the edges plain, cut fringe, or make scalloped petals. Layer a yarn flower on top of your felt and sew or glue it into place.

Braid three lengths of yarn together, then wrap them together in a spiral, and sew or glue your braid to a piece of felt to secure it in place.

Yarn ball
Take a tiny scrap of yarn, and wind it into a yarn ball by hand. Apply a dab of glue to secure your yarn end to the ball, and attach your yarn ball to the center of your flower petals.

Place a small button in the center of your flower and glue or sew it into place. Raid your button jar for a brightly colored or eye catching button!

Use ribbon or lace and overlap the cut ends. Secure leaf under your flower blossom.

Cut felt into a leaf shape and glue to the back of your flower. You can also embellish your felt leaf with yarn.